There is tremendous power and revenue-generating potential in Video Marketing. With the rapid ongoing growth of YouTube’s traffic in addition to the emergence of Internet Television websites, streaming video is dominating the international web and marketers are quickly scrambling to capitalize on this exciting channel.

Although South African companies still struggle with the bandwidth issue, globally video sharing has become increasingly popular. Companies that provide the ability to syndicate your viral videos to Video Sharing websites will grow in popularity.

As companies seek to simplify video sharing, video marketing will become more interactive which could have huge implications for Affiliate marketing. As broadband penetrations increases in South Africa, streaming video will start to become a very popular marketing tool.

Whether a B2B or B2C marketer, video is an enormous opportunity to engage, educate and entertain. Many brands are producing instructional videos to help customers install or use their product or service. Others create pure entertainment, hoping to build brand affinity or drive traffic to their website.

Benefits of a Video Marketing:

It is usually free to post video’s to video sharing websites
Video’s are included in search engine results and usually receive high rankings
Provides you with an opportunity to engage with your customer in an entertaining manner
You are able to show the benefits of your products or service through visual education
Increases the viral marketing potential for your business
Check out this animated video to see the Power of YouTube as a marketing tool.