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About this SEO Course

SEOPSA Level 1 SEO Certification Course:

This Search Engine Optimisation Professional certification program is structured to align with the core elements on the SEO Periodic Table of Ranking Factors.

The course will equip you with the relevant knowledge, skills and tools to optimise and maintain a successful SEO campaign. You’ll learn how to increase your rankings on Google while attracting better quality visitors to your website using ethical and Google compliance best practice guidelines.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the Google Algorithm Ranking Signals, including Core Web Vitals.

  • Learn best-practice for On-Page; Technical and Off-Page SEO Optimisation

  • Understand the latest Google updates and how it impacts your Google Rankings

  • Learn advanced Keyword Research and Optimisation Techniques

  • Discovery the best SEO Tools and Software for Management and Reporting

  • Learn how to improve your Google Organic Rankings, Traffic and Leads

Tools Covered


  • What is SEO – Understand how Search Engines work and what Search Engine Optimisation is.
  • Buying Funnel – Understand where does SEO fits into customer journeys and the buying funnel.
  • SEO vs PPC – Understand the difference between SEO and Search Marketing (PPC Advertising).
  • Hybrid Search – Understand the relationship between Paid and Organic Search.
  • SEO Periodic Table – Learn about the SEO Periodic Table and how elements are weighted.
  • Influencers and Community – Learn about the key influencers and communities to follow.
  • SEO Landscape and Trends – Understand the latest trends and key shifts in SEO and key predictions for the future.
  • Research (Rs) – How to discover keywords people may use to find your content.
  • Keywords (Kw) – Best practice for building target keywords into your pages.
  • Quality (Qu) – How to write pages well that consider substantial quality.
  • Freshness (Fr) – Understanding ‘Freshbot’ and learn when and how to create timely content; refresh, repurpose or retire pages.
  • Multimedia (Mm) – How to optimise Images, video and audio to set your content apart.
  • Depth (Dt) – What is considered shallow content and how to aim for substance.
  • Answers (An) – How to create content that can be turned into answers in the SERP.
  • Titles (Tt) – How to build keywords into your titles and make your compelling click-through titles.
  • Schema (Sc) – How to use structured data and schema to turn data into enhanced listings.
  • Headings (Hd) – Understand how heading structures work in search and learn how to optimise your headers and sub headers.
  • Content Shift (CLS) – Understand the importance of minimal content shift upon page load improves user experience and other Core Web Vitals.
  • Description (Ds) – Tips for creating descriptive, enticing user and search friendly page descriptions.
  • Image Alt (Alt) – Understand the importance of image titles and Alt text and learn how to optimise for accessibility and image search performance.
  • Crawl (Cr) – Understand how Search engines crawl and learn how to optimise your crawl budget.
  • Mobile First (Mo) – How to optimise for smartphone and tablets.
  • Structure (St) – How to structure your pages to make it easy for both users and bots to understand
  • Parity (Pr) – Learn the importance of creating parity in links, navigation, structured data, content, images, and between the mobile and desktop UI.
  • URLs (Ur)  – Learn how to create SEO-friendly page addresses
  • Duplicate (Dd) – Understand what is meant by ‘duplicate’ and learn how to use canonicals and redirects smartly.
  • Speed (Sp) – Learn how to make your site load quickly for user interaction. Understand the FID Core Web Vital.
  • HTTPS (Ps) -The importance of Https and security for website visitors.
  • Link Quality (Lq) – How to seek authentic links from trusted quality websites and learn how to check for (and manage) toxic or poor quality links.
  • Anchors (Ac) – How to create a natural Link anchor text profile for your site’s pages.
  • Quantity (Qt) – Learn tactics to boost quality links quickly and naturally.
  • Expertise (Ex) – Learn how to create expertise signals to show search engines that you are a thought leader on a given topic.
  • Authority (Au) – Learn how to generate links, mentions, shares and buzz to set your site apart as the go-to for your topic.
  • Trust (Tr) – Learn how to establish your site as trustworthy, consistent and credible.
  • User Experience (Ux) – Understand the principles for creating a site that makes your users want to come back and read more?
  • Intent (It) – Learn how to do effective keyword mapping across all stages of the consumer journey, and how to build content to meet the searchers intent.
  • Locality (Ly) – How to create experiences that target specific areas (neighbourhoods and cities)
  • Country (Cy) – Learn how to implement hreflang, translations or transcreations for multi-language or country-specific experiences at a Global scale.
  • Engagement (Eg) – Learn how to measure engagement and discover tactics to reduce bounces and increase time on site.
  • Cloaking (Cl) – Understand what search engines see as cloaking and how the impact it has on rankings.
  • Schemes (Sc) – Learn what is considered spammy links and identify tactics that might flag link penalties; and what you should be doing about it.
  • Bad Content (Bc) – Automated, spun, sticked, scraped content and doorway pages – Learn what they are and when Google will punish your site.
  • Malicious Behaviour (Mb) – Understand how Google detects phishing, trojans, malware and hacking behaviour and learn how to identify when Negative SEO has targeted your site.
  • Stuffing (Sf) – Keyword density vs distribution and what copywriters should and shouldn’t do with keyword placement.
  • Hiding (Hi) – Understand what is considered as masked, unclear, unintelligible, misleading, or hidden content and how it affects rankings.
  • Piracy (Ar) – Piracy vs Plagiarism. How to detect and avoid ‘stolen content’ penalties.
  • Intrusiveness (Iv) – Pop-ups, interstitials, and ad-heavy content – learn what they are and learn what the boundaries and limitations are to prevent your site from being dropped.
  • Google Search Console Management
  • SEO Management, Tracking and Reporting Tools such as WebCEO, SEM Rush, Rank Ranger, etc
  • WordPress Plugins for SEO such as Yoast
  • Using Crawl Spider Tools such as Screaming Frog
  • Other Free SEO Tools
  • Important SEO KPI’s and Metrics
  • Ongoing SEO Health Checklists
  • SEO Audit Requirements
  • Ongoing SEO Management
  • Measuring against Objectives
  • Search Console & Google Analytics

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Google Reviews

  • I had a great experience with Blue Magnet. Everyone is super helpful & professional. I would definitely recommend them for any courses that they have available. Money well spent!

    Francel Grobbelaar Avatar Francel Grobbelaar
    11th September 2019
  • You can always read about best SEO practice however the reality is that there is so much content about this topic that its very confusing where to start. BlueMagnet have a great course that gives you the best tools and ways to structure your strategy with SEO without feeling overwhelmed. Their courses and professionals are great at what they do and no other option for your SEO needs

    Andrew Wenger Avatar Andrew Wenger
    24th July 2019
  • Did an online SEO certification course, it was well presented and covers all levels of knowledge with regards to SEO. Considering doing further training with them.

    Lucia Burger Avatar Lucia Burger
    25th November 2020
  • Great training centre. The trainer is very knowledgeable and engages the students on every topic of discussion.

    Tshegofatso Choeu Avatar Tshegofatso Choeu
    21st February 2020
  • The Certified Digital Marketing training is a must for any working with Digital Communication or Digital Marketing, it covers in details and also in a very easy to understand approach the basics of creating a successful digital strategy. The teacher Ceri James uses a refreshing approach that made my "digital brain" produce many key ideas. :)

    Claudio Fauvrelle Avatar Claudio Fauvrelle
    10th May 2019

BlueMagnet are always professional, knowledgeable, receptive and patient. After every engagement with them, we have taken away valuable insights and knowledge which is beneficial to us as individuals and within our roles in our business.

teljoy logoMelissa Signor, Teljoy

As always, there are so many takeaways from the BM courses which add value to me and my role.

Aimee Miller

The course was very well conducted. I am impressed. Lots of information but I have learnt a lot. There is a lot I need to read and implement.


I feel as though it conflicted with my experience based knowledge resulting in poorer assessment results.

Lauren Ashton Rock-Perring

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the course. The topic is far broader than I thought and there is still a lot to learn. Thanks for the opportunity to join and learn.

Dave Woolnough, African Bank

Awesome guys! Your business is thorough and trustworthy

Monique van Boom

Thoroughly enjoyed this course and I am sure that it will assist me in adding significant value to my clients

Dirk Jonathan Visser, Instinctif

Brilliant course, informative and engaging. If you’re building a brand online, this course is for.

Conan Green, DDB

Very impressed with BlueMagnet. Very slick and professional. Great training of great value.

Linda-Ann Sloan , Momentum

It was fantastic training and very practical, the knowledge and tools i have now am ready to take SEO to another level.

Fulufhelo Singo, Dosma Communications

Great course. Covered the basics . I really enjoyed the technical SEO section. The keyword research part was also very useful. We covered the theory but also learned how to use it in practice. Very beneficial.

Jade Brennan, Caxton Digital

Interactive, stimulating, and overall comprehensive.

Nakita McFarlane, Dimension Data

Really amazing course- worth every cent!

Tamzin Janse van Vuuren, Ideation Digital

Great course, expertly presented

Antoni Nel, Cosmopolitan Projects

Very informative, structured and lecturers very professional

Fritz Ferreira, Eurika DIY Solutions

Why BlueMagnet

Our team comprises of a collective of over 45 years having delivered professional digital marketing research analysis, strategy, online advertising, paid search, social media and search engine (SEO), user-centric (UX) compliant web development and design specialists across all touchpoints. We are have been practicing digital marketing in South Africa for as long as Google and Facebook has been in existence.

Founded in 2007, BlueMagnet proudly carries the reputation as the longest standing SEO Training Company in South Africa – endorsed by the Association for SEO Professionals South Africa (SEOPSA) – having trained some of the top SEO Agencies in South Africa. BlueMagnet was the first accredited South African Training Partner to the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) in Ireland, having provided the internationally recognised Certified Digital Marketing Professional accreditation to over thousands of students across Africa since 2012. BlueMagnet has been at the forefront of digital training and skills development for the past 12 years, with lecturers and trainers who have hands-on practical experience in digital marketing research, analysis, strategy, UX, SEO, PPC and various other digital channels.

All our Digital Marketing Consultants have achieved outstanding grades in the internationally recognised Professional Digital Marketing Certification through the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI). Our Search Marketers are all Google Ads and Analytics qualified and have also completed SEOPSA’s SEO Professional Certification Program. Our Digital Marketing practitioners continuously enforce and uphold best-practice standards and compliance in digital marketing, ensuring that we adhere to a strict code of ethics and white-hat principles.

Our user-centered design methodology is based on the Human Factors International (HFI) framework which has been perfected over the past 30 Years. Recognised as the global leader in user experience (UX) design, HFI have incorporated best practices across every part of the user-centered design process including UX strategy, innovation, user research, structural design, detailed design, testing and validation.

We apply a stringent recruitment, selection and upskilling process to ensure that we employ the most experienced and technically competent Digital Marketing Experts in South Africa to deliver only the best Digital Marketing Services to serve our valued clients. Our Google specialists draw experience directly from the world’s leading advanced Search Marketing conferences, staying ahead of the latest Google algorithms, search trends, and search marketing tools.

We continuously evaluate available technologies to ensure that we utilise the most accurate and sophisticated digital marketing tools and software to conduct Website, SEO, UX, Google Ads, Content, Social Media, Online Brand Reputation, Sentiment and Analytics Audits; as well as Competitor Analysis; Online Market Research and ongoing Digital Marketing performance benchmarking, optimisation and management.

BlueMagnet partners with only the best web development companies and responsive web design companies, to ensure that your website is planned and development according to the highest standards.

Years Digital Marketing Experience
Top Performing Digital Campaigns
Trained Digital Marketing Professionals
Years SEO & UX Experience

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Looking for custom designed on-site Digital Marketing training for your team?

BlueMagnet offers onsite custom designed training to empower your team with relevant digital marketing and digital literacy skills. We run a series of skills assessments to identify the current proficiencies and gaps across various digital competencies, and assist companies in devising a tailored training plan to meet the unique digital skills development needs of your organisation.

Our digital experts have extensive experience having trained both large and small groups across all areas of digital marketing. Whether your team is fairly advanced or have no digital skills at all, we can customise a training programme that will take their digital skills from zero to hero in as little time as possible.

Customised in-house training will keep your marketing team up-to-date with the latest digital skills, which can be delivered at your premises or at our training centre in Johannesburg. Additional costs may apply to on-site locations outside of the greater Johannesburg area. Skills Assessments are quoted for separately based on the nature and number of assessments required.

A full day on-site custom course will cost R18 000 ex vat for a full day group training session which includes up to 10 people attending. Additional attendees thereafter will be charged at R750 ex vat per person.