Corporates and small business owners should create a clear social media marketing strategy as part of an integrated communications and marketing strategy. Social Media has become an essential component of online marketing and search engines are adjusting their rankings to include search personalisation.

Social Media Optimisation (SMO) will continue to get broader use from marketers interested in building traffic and buzz online, moving far beyond linking strategy and smart SEO into the marketing mainstream.

One of the effects of the social media revolution is an exponential increase in the amount of content online. This will continue to lead online users to search beyond the algorithm for new ways of finding information. A key method for this is where people are sorting content on the web, creating their own groupings and sharing that with others.

It is important that you continuously engage with social communities through reaching out to social communities to bring attention to your company or brand. It is an effective means of off-site optimisation for your company’s website and ensures that your website is optimised for a broad range of content in every applicable media or vertical niche.

Benefit of Social Media Marketing:

Brings attention to your brand
Creates instant exposure
More visibility for your company
Encourages repeat visitors and shared content
Improves search engine rankings
Strengthens your brand within a targeted or niche community
Increases back links to your website
Drives additional traffic to the website

Check out this video by for an introduction to social marketing and leveraging online social networks as part of a small business marketing strategy.