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Our Leaders

More than 20 years’ experience in the digital industry having been instrumental in strategising and executing digital platform business models and strategies.

With over 2 decades of experience as a Digital Strategist and Consultant, Ceri’s passion for digital is ever-present in everything that he does.

Our People

Sphiwe Zikalala


Henry Quinn


Samantha Beck


Lufuno Tshilongo


Samantha Lategan


Cameron Morgan


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Our Expertise

Unified through Digital, our team has a collective of over 45 years experience in Digital, with expertise that span across all aspects of digital marketing and digital platforms.

Our people have been brought together through our shared passion for driving digital forward by placing digital at the heart of everything we do.  Our combined backgrounds from corporate, business and agency has proven to be a winning blend that drives our success.

We employ a unique blend of technical, analytical and creative people. We hire scientists and artists, and together this mix of left and right brain thinkers and doers ensures that not only do we deliver beautiful work, but in everything we do, we have the data, science and facts to support every action we take and every recommendation that we make.

We empower our team with skills, training, practical experience and certifications to assist them in advancing their careers. As a performance based consultancy and learning company, our team are guaranteed to get the best training from the most advanced and best SEO, Social Media and digital marketing specialists in the country. We empower our team with skills, training, practical experience and certifications to assist them in advancing their careers.

We unapologetically only hire the crème de la crème of digital.

Experience in Digital

Digital Strategy: 22 Years
Online Research: 12 Years
Digital Audits: 12 Years
SEO: 20 Years
User Experience: 6 Years
Social Media Marketing: 15 Years
Content Marketing: 20 Years
Online Advertising: 20 Years
Email Marketing: 22 Years
Websites: 22 Years
Web Analytics: 15 Years
Digital Training: 12 Years

Why Choose BlueMagnet

Our team comprises of a collective of over 45 years having delivered professional digital marketing research analysis, strategy, online advertising, paid search, social media and search engine (SEO), user-centric (UX) compliant web development and design specialists across all touchpoints. We are have been practicing digital marketing in South Africa for as long as Google and Facebook has been in existence.

Founded in 2007, BlueMagnet proudly carries the reputation as the longest standing SEO Training Company in South Africa – endorsed by the Association for SEO Professionals South Africa (SEOPSA) – having trained some of the top SEO Agencies in South Africa. BlueMagnet was the first accredited South African Training Partner to the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) in Ireland, having provided the internationally recognised Certified Digital Marketing Professional accreditation to over thousands of students across Africa since 2012. BlueMagnet has been at the forefront of digital training and skills development for the past 12 years, with lecturers and trainers who have hands-on practical experience in digital marketing research, analysis, strategy, UX, SEO, PPC and various other digital channels.

All our Digital Marketing Consultants have achieved outstanding grades in the internationally recognised Professional Digital Marketing Certification through the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI). Our Search Marketers are all Google Ads and Analytics qualified and have also completed SEOPSA’s SEO Professional Certification Program. Our Digital Marketing practitioners continuously enforce and uphold best-practice standards and compliance in digital marketing, ensuring that we adhere to a strict code of ethics and white-hat principles.

Our user-centered design methodology is based on the Human Factors International (HFI) framework which has been perfected over the past 30 Years. Recognised as the global leader in user experience (UX) design, HFI have incorporated best practices across every part of the user-centered design process including UX strategy, innovation, user research, structural design, detailed design, testing and validation.

We apply a stringent recruitment, selection and upskilling process to ensure that we employ the most experienced and technically competent Digital Marketing Experts in South Africa to deliver only the best Digital Marketing Services to serve our valued clients. Our Google specialists draw experience directly from the world’s leading advanced Search Marketing conferences, staying ahead of the latest Google algorithms, search trends, and search marketing tools.

We continuously evaluate available technologies to ensure that we utilise the most accurate and sophisticated digital marketing tools and software to conduct Website, SEO, UX, Google Ads, Content, Social Media, Online Brand Reputation, Sentiment and Analytics Audits; as well as Competitor Analysis; Online Market Research and ongoing Digital Marketing performance benchmarking, optimisation and management.

BlueMagnet partners with only the best web development companies and responsive web design companies, to ensure that your website is planned and development according to the highest standards.

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Top Performing Digital Campaigns
Trained Digital Marketing Professionals
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