Digital Marketing Transformation Workshop

Our Approach to Your Digital Transformation Success

Our Digital Transformation methodology is underpinned by taking a deep-dive into understanding your company’s objectives and unique value propositions [Discovery], supported by comprehensive competitor and online market analysis [Research] and an in-depth review [Audit] of all of your digital assets to ensure that we identify the sweet spot for delivering optimal [Digital Strategy] results as quickly as possible.

Stakeholder Alignment Workshop

During the Discovery phase our Digital Business Analysts will gather valuable insights and strategic information to better understand the nature of the business, what it offers, who it competes with and what its objectives are moving forward. The process is essential in gathering relevant information from the following key stakeholders in the organisations in order to undersAtand the core business and marketing objectives, as well as to ascertain the current challenges that might hinder the company’s ability to achieve these objectives. We also review how digital platforms are being leveraged within the organisation to support the business and marketing goals.

The objective of the Stakeholder Discovery Alignment Workshop is to achieve the following oAutcomes:

  • Get alignment amongst all key stakeholders within the organisation to support a clear message (“the golden thread”) to the market
  • Define and agree on the primary business, strategic and marketing objectives for the next 12 to 24 months
  • Craft indisputable differentiating value propositions that will stand up against your competitors
  • Refine your elevator pitch
  • Unpack and test the competitive value train by identifying symmetrical and asymmetrical threats as well as co-operative opportunities
  • Prepare the organisation for the digital transformation journey through people and customer engagement strategies
  • Define the high-value target personas that will lead the digital marketing strategy
  • Identify the role of digital in the business and highlight potential challenges and opportunities

Facilitated Digital Marketing Transformation (DMT)

To remain competitive in an ever-changing connected multichannel world, businesses need to focus their efforts on bridging the gap between the organisation’s needs and the customer’s demands for seamless experiences across all digital touchpoints by adopting a digital first approach to delivering a successful marketing strategy.

Our Digital Business Analysts can assist your business in the Digital Marketing Transformation (DMT) process by gaining executive and stakeholder alignment, buy-in and commitment towards a pursuit for digital excellence through:

  • Optimisation and refining of your digital channels to gain deeper insights that will inform your approach

  • Facilitating the change needed for your organisation to become digitised to compete in the digitally connected world

  • Gaining alignment between executives, marketing and sales teams to improve productivity, drive leads and increase revenue

  • Aligning the company’s marketing activities with the customer’s expectations throughout the customer journey

  • Developing initiatives to upskill your workforce with digital literacy and digital marketing skills to support growth

  • Developing a digital strategy that drives improved engagement throughout the customer journey

BlueMagnet can assist your organisation in developing a Digital Transformation Strategy that will lead to stronger customer engagement and improved ROI through the alignment of your priorities with digital customer experience offerings. As your digital partner, we will facilitate the shift from business-focused to customer-centric digital transformation strategies by developing a roadmap to support an integrated digital strategy for businesses that want to drive improved digital experiences. Allow us to help your organisation maintain a world-class digital presence and see increased ROI in an ever-evolving digital world by staying up to date with the latest digital marketing trends to keep your business at the forefront for years to come.

We’ll help you put digital at the heart of your marketing strategy.

Why Choose BlueMagnet as your Digital Marketing Transformation Partner

Our team comprises of a collective of over 45 years having delivered professional digital marketing research analysis, strategy, online advertising, paid search, social media and search engine (SEO), user-centric (UX) compliant web development and design specialists across all touchpoints. We are have been practicing digital marketing in South Africa for as long as Google and Facebook has been in existence.

Founded in 2007, BlueMagnet proudly carries the reputation as the longest standing SEO Training Company in South Africa – endorsed by the Association for SEO Professionals South Africa (SEOPSA) – having trained some of the top SEO Agencies in South Africa. BlueMagnet was the first accredited South African Training Partner to the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) in Ireland, having provided the internationally recognised Certified Digital Marketing Professional accreditation to over thousands of students across Africa since 2012. BlueMagnet has been at the forefront of digital training and skills development for the past 12 years, with lecturers and trainers who have hands-on practical experience in digital marketing research, analysis, strategy, UX, SEO, PPC and various other digital channels.

All our Digital Marketing Consultants have achieved outstanding grades in the internationally recognised Professional Digital Marketing Certification through the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI). Our Search Marketers are all Google Ads and Analytics qualified and have also completed SEOPSA’s SEO Professional Certification Program. Our Digital Marketing practitioners continuously enforce and uphold best-practice standards and compliance in digital marketing, ensuring that we adhere to a strict code of ethics and white-hat principles.

Our user-centered design methodology is based on the Human Factors International (HFI) framework which has been perfected over the past 30 Years. Recognised as the global leader in user experience (UX) design, HFI have incorporated best practices across every part of the user-centered design process including UX strategy, innovation, user research, structural design, detailed design, testing and validation.

We apply a stringent recruitment, selection and upskilling process to ensure that we employ the most experienced and technically competent Digital Marketing Experts in South Africa to deliver only the best Digital Marketing Services to serve our valued clients. Our Google specialists draw experience directly from the world’s leading advanced Search Marketing conferences, staying ahead of the latest Google algorithms, search trends, and search marketing tools.

We continuously evaluate available technologies to ensure that we utilise the most accurate and sophisticated digital marketing tools and software to conduct Website, SEO, UX, Google Ads, Content, Social Media, Online Brand Reputation, Sentiment and Analytics Audits; as well as Competitor Analysis; Online Market Research and ongoing Digital Marketing performance benchmarking, optimisation and management.

BlueMagnet partners with only the best web development companies and responsive web design companies, to ensure that your website is planned and development according to the highest standards.

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Top Performing Digital Campaigns
Trained Digital Marketing Professionals
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Trusted By:

Gillian (CEO of BlueMagnet) is one of those extra-ordinary people you meet in life that truly makes an impact and adds value. I have worked with Gillian as a colleague and as a service provider and she always delivers comprehensive expert advice, simply, on time, and with a friendly smile. I have had the pleasure of dealing with her team now and she has managed to pass on those same traits to them. If you are looking for assistance to optimise your digital assets (from auditing your sites, to optimising them, especially from a search point of view, all the way to training your staff to empower them to do the same), then I have found no better person to turn to than Gillian and her team at BlueMagnet.

Candy Goodman, Founder of Mobitainment

BlueMagnet has been an asset to our company. Their expertise has helped to grow the Property management division. We have proven results over a short time and cannot thank her enough. BlueMagnet’s knowledge of SEO and Google Adwords Management is second to none. We are proud to recommend them as am SEO specialist and Google Adword Campaign Manager.

Tammany Spiess, Angor Properties

BlueMagnet is a true expert in their field. In the murky waters of SEO and Adwords services in SA, they stand clean and clear above the competition. If you want to get the real deal from someone who knows the ins and outs of this dynamic field of expertise, BlueMagnet is your answer.

Lourie Holl, Corporate Communications Officer at Softline VIP

In a marketing specialisation so often characterised by smoke and mirrors, BlueMagnet cuts right to the point with expert, effective advice and strategic guidance. The campaign they managed was refreshingly efficient, and they have been great to work with.

Howard Fox, Marketing Director at Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS)

BlueMagnet migrated content for our multilingual web platform to a new site. The migration improved market exposure, drove new inquiries, and tripled the number of keywords ranking in search engines. BlueMagnet communicated well and executed under a hard deadline. They’re a reliable partner with useful technical knowledge. They have such incredible people working at their company that you certainly feel that your website is in good hands.

Andrew Wenger, COO at African Pegmatite

A very big thank you from the Elingo team to BlueMagnet for the Discovery Workshop conducted on Friday. The feedback from our team has been amazing, and exactly what they were looking for. Very Professional and Fun!

Paul Mc Intyre, CX Executive at Elingo (Pty) Ltd

Passionate about serving our clients

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