In the past, corporates have been focusing marketing and communications efforts on becoming faceless. This has changes significantly. Where the online consumer has become very much in control, companies will no longer be able to connect with their customers in a meaningful and emotional way without having a personality.

More and more companies are starting to realise the significance of establishing a company personality and we are starting to see more Corporate Blogs coming alive. Business Blogging will continue to become more lucrative as more and more people look to new media such as Blogs and social websites for insight. Companies should focus more time on establishing new touch points for customers to interact with the true personality of a brand. Allowing your employees to Blog on your company Blog has many advantageous.

Benefits of a Company Blog:

Blogs are search engine traffic magnets
Positions your company to be a thought leader in your industry
Gives you the power to publish at an instant making it a very powerful update tool and great for crisis handling
Helps to build relationships with customers by engaging in conversation with them
Provides an avenue for your to solicit feedback from your customers
Puts a human voice to the company
Encourages you to find out what others are saying about your company

Check out this video for some great tips for creating an effective company blog.