South African Internet users have increased by *63% since July 2012, but they are becoming more demanding.

South African consumers now have more access to online content than ever before – and are consuming more content when visiting websites – but the time spent there is becoming far less. Research shows that South Africans are spending less time per page when consuming content, making it more challenging for companies to create content that is both engaging and sticky in order to keep the user on their websites for longer. Research shows that the top 10 sites based on pages viewed are completely different to the top 10 sites based on time spent online by a user during a visit.

Who are the South African Digital Users?

South African Digital Natives Image

Data generated for the DMMA with data from Effective Measure –

What is Engaging Content?

Engaging content means that the website has created content that is sticky enough to get their readers to stay on the site for longer – and who will be inclined to share the content with others. Here are some ideas on content that is likely to get users to stick around and share your content:

How-To Articles and Videos
Interactive Polls and Surveys
White Papers
User Guides
Competitions & Quizzes

By adding a series of related content pieces to your website, you will encourage your visitors to continue to browse through your website and consume more of your content while they are there. To encourage further engagement – and to leverage word of mouth marketing – you can add Social Plugins (Social Sharing Buttons) next to all of your content so that users are encouraged to want to share the content with their friends and followers.

“Digital is no longer a popularity contest it’s a commitment test and race for audience worthiness.” DMMA

*According to DMMA Effective Measure Survey of July 2013.