In addition to optimising the existing content on your website, it is essential that you develop a strategy to continuously increase your website’s content on an ongoing basis. All new content should be written specifically with the web reader in mind and should also be optimised for the search engines.

A website should acquire an adequate number of pages related to the specific subject matter in order to be seen as an expert in the specific industry. The more frequently the website’s content is updated, the more frequently search engines will be able to spider and index the website appropriately and apply a suitable ranking to the websites individual pages of content.

Benefits of Increasing Website Pages:

Ensures that the company is identified as a subject matter expert
Encourages more frequent spidering by Search Engines
Creates more opportunities (pages) for Search Engines to rank
Increases content offered to visitors
Creates additional content for theme alignment
Improves inbound linking strategy
Offers additional opportunities for internal and external linking
Keeps your website fresh, engaging and current

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