We have selected 5 powerful Google AdWords campaign management tips to help you improve your perfomance and effectiveness on Google AdWords.

Google AdWords Ad Preview and Diagnostics
Once you have set up your AdWords campaign, preview your ad by using the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool to see it just like you would on a regular Google search results page, without accruing any impressions or being influenced by your personal search history.

Google AdWords Editor
Use the free Google Adwords Editor application to download your account, update your campaigns with powerful editing tools, then upload your changes to Adwords for easier campaign editing. Great for managing bulk changes. Visit www.google.com/adwordseditor and click Download Adwords Editor.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool
To find new keywords or Ad group ideas when first setting up your campaign, or to expand and optimise your Adwords campaign use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Sign into your account and find it under the Tools and Analysis Tab. Enter a keyword, website or category to find relevant keywords, see their popularity and judge the competition.

Google AdWords Placement Tool
When looking for the right websites or placements to target in the Google Display Network that are relevant to your ads and to find all websites that are related to a specific topic or demographic, use the Placement Tool in your Google AdWords account. Sign into your account, click on the Tools & Analysis drop-down menu and selt the Placement Tool.

Google AdWords Conversion Optimiser
To optimise campaigns with a conversion history, turn on Conversion Optimiser to automatically adjust your bids on an ongoing basis so your money is efficiently invested in the best auctions. Log into your Adwords account and click on Conversion Tracking at the top of the Campaign Management tab.

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