Here are some basic guidelines to follow in order to deliver a mobile campaign in line with global best practices.

Keep your message and instructions as simple as possible as users are still adapting to mobile marketing.
To attract more users, try to offer multiple messaging types and allow users to engage or interact with you.
Always ask the user for permission to market to them.
Keep the campaign in a language that is suited to the majority of your target audience.
As far as possible, leverage location services to deliver more relevant and targeted campaigns.
Keep your mobile content relevant and brief.
Ensure that your mobi-site has a site-wide link back to the homage.
Where possible, allow registered users the option to automatically sign in.
Keep vertical scrolling to less than 5 screens.
Keep graphics to a minimum on mobi-sites.
Avoid any use of frames or pop-ups as most mobile browsers won’t support this.
Where users need to fill in forms, keep them short and don’t make the text case sensitive.
Where a user needs to complete a process, always indicate at what stage of the process they are.
When using streaming media, keep it to fewer than 15 secondhand ensure that the content has a relevant call to action.

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