Here are 20 top tips to consider before you execute your mobile marketing campaign.

Decide on your overall message and objectives.
Know what devices are accessible to your target audience.
Will you need to partner with service providers?
Will the timing of the campaign meet your objectives?
Have similar or competitive brands been successful in launching mobile campaigns or apps and if not, what was the reason.
How can your campaign leverage traditional media?
Are there any legal issues or considerations that you should be aware of.
What challenges should you expect surrounding the network carriers or devices used by your target audience?
Will you need to register a CSC (Common Short Code) for your campaign?
Have you factored in how you will test the effectiveness of your app or service before launch?
If you are going with a messaging campaign, consider whether you will opt for Standard rates (where you will carry the costs of the SMS or MMS), or a Premium rate (where the charged is reversed to the customer’s cell phone bill).
Could your campaign benefit from IVR (Interactive Voice Response).
Is it possible to offer your target audience the option to download your content via Bluetooth to save on costs, and if so how can the access point possibly integrate with traditional media?
Other than traditional media, how will you drive users to your content?
Will your mobile content be found through natural search or should you consider investing in paid search keyword advertising.
Should you consider making use of Mobile Ad Serving companies to help you deliver mobile banner advertising to your WAP enabled target audience?
What content could you deliver via a WAP push process (I.e. Links only or a complete mobile micro-site) 17. Should you invest in a Mobile Content Management System (CMS) to target your content to specific devices?
Have you considered all the projected up-front and monthly costs involved in your campaign?
Have you followed all recommended best practice guidelines for mobile marketing ?
Do you know what your expected ROI should be?