Introduce an effective Email communications strategy as part of your marketing strategy to grow your existing customer base and to expand your client base significantly through permission marketing and regular targeted communications.

Engaging your customers with relevant, targeted information when, where, and how they want it is crucial to marketing success. By combining technological advances with tried-and-tested best practices, the future still looks bright for email marketers.

You should focus on developing a strategy that combines a highly functional website with the power of direct-to-consumer email communications. It is important to develop a close-loop strategy that incorporates careful planning, testing, execution and measurement of the success of your email marketing campaigns.

Benefits of Email Marketing:

Increases lead generation and cross selling
Increases customer lifetime value
Low cost, instantaneous channel for sending messages
Opens up a two-way dialogue with customers and prospects
Hypercharges your existing marketing messages
Instant, measurable results

Caution: Be aware of the electronic communications legislation in each country to which you are sending emails to.
Check out this video for 4 simple rules for email marketing for 2012: