At Blue Magnet Digital Solutions we frequently open up internship opportunities within our company where we provide you with extensive training, courses, certifications and personal mentorship to equip aspiring Digital Marketing Professionals with the necessary skills to become a a Search Marketing professional.

An internship at Blue Magnet includes not only a generous internship salary, but also training and qualifications (valued at over R25,000) such as the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, SEO Certified Professional, Google AdWords & Google Analytics, to name a few.

Our internship program run for 6 months, after which an permanent appointment might be presented as an option to the intern.

Read on to see what our previous interns that turned pro on SEO had to say about their internship experience:

What the Internship has meant to me…

Mayson Atterbury B&W Small

Mayson Atterbury

“Interning at Blue Magnet has taught me that when it came to Digital Marketing, “I had a clue, but I only had half an Idea.” When I read, “Fast Track your Digital Career” in one of the courses offered by Blue Magnet (Digital Diploma) and given by Gillian Meier (Blue Magnet CEO), I hadn’t yet fully grasped the meaning of what interning at Blue Magnet would mean for my career. Boy but was I surprised!

Working here means that you can finally get over the, “Huge Juniority Wall” that almost everyone faces in their younger working days. You get to learn what it means to be a true professional, what it means when you commit yourself to true excellence, while at the same time, learning the arts that push you way over any, “Fly-by-Night-Digital-Marketing” stage.

So, to get past all the fluff and the fairy linguistics, these are the changes that I can vouch for after doing Blue Magnet’s Internship:

Industry Relevant Knowledge: boosting my own credibility to a professional level, learn in an environment that thrives for digital.
Google Relevant Knowledge: even though this falls under, “Learning”, you get to know exactly what Google wants for effective SEO. Becoming an expert on Policies and Google Algorithms is pretty big around here.
Accreditation: nothing Qualifies your experience quite as much as your Qualifications. Through a range of Digital Courses during your internship, become certified in the areas that add value to your digital career.
Writing for Online: the proof is in the online pudding. Articles, newsletters, blogs, doing reviews and even getting to indulge in some social media, do all of it to hone your online writing skills.
Diagnostics and Strategy: the winner for me was when I realised that I am no longer just an implementation junkie. Every day of working here you can feel yourself becoming more analytical, more strategic and more digital.

No Knowledge is Wasted: when you think you know it all, you only come back tomorrow to get even better. “Onward and upward” is how we do it around here.

Having been in the SEO and Digital Industry previously, I was fully aware of how easily you can get stuck on a Junior Level. Thinking back to the “Fast Track your Digital Career” slogan… Pfft, get ready to re-design Your Digital Future!

Click here if you would like to have a look at the Digital Diploma Course that I mentioned.

Kind regards, and PS: look at my fancy new title!”

Mayson Atterbury
Search Marketing Analyst
Certified SEO & Digital Marketing Professional

What the Internship has meant to me…

Steven Jonker B&White

Steven Jonker

“The Blue Magnet internship was one of the most valuable experiences of my life. I had always had an interest in SEO and digital marketing in general. I self-taught myself most of the theory but lacked practical experience. What I needed was a foot-in-the-door.

Blue Magnet provided just that and more. Blue Magnet is like a start-up, we’re a small team and because of that the internship probably taught me a lot more than an internship at a larger company could have.

Over the course of six months I got experience in:

Campaign strategy and planning.
SEO best practices and implementation. Including how to conduct in-depth SEO audits.
PPC best practices and implementation.
Experience using Google Analytics and a host of SEO software tools on the web.
Copywriting for the web.
Client meetings and presentations.
Pitching to potential clients and the proposal process.
SEO training.

I got experience in all the fields above and much more. During the six months I also got to attend several courses, certifications and conferences worth over R25 000. Then on top of that I still got paid an above average internship salary. The cherry on the cake was that after the internship I was offered a job at Blue Magnet or help finding a job at another digital marketing company. Needless to say I chose Blue Magnet because this company is all kinds of awesome.

I’m a very ambitious guy and whatever the future holds for me I will always give credit to the internship with Blue Magnet as the spark that ignited my passion for a career in digital.”

Steven Jonker
Search Marketing Analyst
Certified SEO & Digital Marketing Professional

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