Gillian Meier

Founder & CEO

What makes Gillian such an incredible trainer, is her down to earth approach to learning. With all the time in the world to share information, her ethos permeates through the entire company. By continually sharing information we are all able to grow and innovate in an industry where stagnation can lead only to the closing of doors.

Having been in the online industry for 18 years now, Gillian’s experience extends beyond the internet to traditional media. From above-the-line and below-the-line advertising, to more hands-on public relations and even event management, she’s seen it, done it and improved in it.

Without deviating entirely, Gillian gained notoriety for her strategic input at, which resulted in her leaping from sales representative in 1997 to General Manager in 1998 where after she moved on to explore other avenues in the digital industry. After almost a decade, she returned as CEO and shareholder to, where, together with her team, in under 8 months they rebuilt the recruitment portal. Even during South Africa’s financial downturn, they grew their database and turnover at a rate of knots, grabbing the attention local and international job boards. Gillian founded Blue Magnet Digital Solutions in August 2007.

The number of certifications she has is not only in the double digits, but she is also certified to teach and share all of her invaluable information. Through Blue Magnet Digital Solutions, Gillian has continued to follow her passion and evolve her own online marketing skills by providing internet marketing training, consulting to both corporate and advertising agencies within the realm of Google AdWords Implementation, search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing, online reputation management and social media strategies.

Gillian is unique in her holistic approach and in the way in which she runs her business. ‘… my approach (to SEO) has always been that we need to first understand the problem. Let’s treat the cause, not the symptom, so I put our in-depth audits first. I always insist that we first diagnose the strengths and weaknesses before simply prescribing a course of action. Without proper diagnosis and analytics, I do not believe that any SEO company can guarantee a long-term sustainable SEO Strategy.’

Quote: “If you don’t invest in building your online brand, your competitors will invest in destroying it.” – Gillian Meier

Gillian Meier
Gill Qualifications

Why Choose BlueMagnet as your Digital Marketing Partner

Our team comprises of a collective of over 45 years having delivered professional digital marketing research analysis, strategy, online advertising, paid search, social media and search engine (SEO), user-centric (UX) compliant web development and design specialists across all touchpoints. We are have been practicing digital marketing in South Africa for as long as Google and Facebook has been in existence.

Founded in 2007, BlueMagnet proudly carries the reputation as the longest standing SEO Training Company in South Africa – endorsed by the Association for SEO Professionals South Africa (SEOPSA) – having trained some of the top SEO Agencies in South Africa. BlueMagnet was the first accredited South African Training Partner to the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) in Ireland, having provided the internationally recognised Certified Digital Marketing Professional accreditation to over thousands of students across Africa since 2012. BlueMagnet has been at the forefront of digital training and skills development for the past 12 years, with lecturers and trainers who have hands-on practical experience in digital marketing research, analysis, strategy, UX, SEO, PPC and various other digital channels.

All our Digital Marketing Consultants have achieved outstanding grades in the internationally recognised Professional Digital Marketing Certification through the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI). Our Search Marketers are all Google Ads and Analytics qualified and have also completed SEOPSA’s SEO Professional Certification Program. Our Digital Marketing practitioners continuously enforce and uphold best-practice standards and compliance in digital marketing, ensuring that we adhere to a strict code of ethics and white-hat principles.

Our user-centered design methodology is based on the Human Factors International (HFI) framework which has been perfected over the past 30 Years. Recognised as the global leader in user experience (UX) design, HFI have incorporated best practices across every part of the user-centered design process including UX strategy, innovation, user research, structural design, detailed design, testing and validation.

We apply a stringent recruitment, selection and upskilling process to ensure that we employ the most experienced and technically competent Digital Marketing Experts in South Africa to deliver only the best Digital Marketing Services to serve our valued clients. Our Google specialists draw experience directly from the world’s leading advanced Search Marketing conferences, staying ahead of the latest Google algorithms, search trends, and search marketing tools.

We continuously evaluate available technologies to ensure that we utilise the most accurate and sophisticated digital marketing tools and software to conduct Website, SEO, UX, Google Ads, Content, Social Media, Online Brand Reputation, Sentiment and Analytics Audits; as well as Competitor Analysis; Online Market Research and ongoing Digital Marketing performance benchmarking, optimisation and management.

BlueMagnet partners with only the best web development companies and responsive web design companies, to ensure that your website is planned and development according to the highest standards.

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