In January 2014 Matt Cutts managed to finally escalate the issue of slimy guest blogging. Previously he seemed to gently poke the topic, alluding to the fact that we best keep ourselves in check. So let us take a moment to review Matt Cutt’s revelations and try to determine our own beliefs and the best practical applications of this particular channel.

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What is wrong with guest blogging for links and ranking?

For those who actually subscribe to the blog and engage regularly as a means of disseminating information and opinions, random links are like big bold billboards – kind of annoying when you’re driving through the magnificent landscape of the Garden Route. They are almost always off topic and spammy.

Why it used to work…

Back in the day people used to go to more effort when they guest blogged, it was an honour to be asked to write a guest post for a reputable blog. The upside of this was that it became beneficial to both the blog owner and the writer in so much as the content was read, which was good for the site and the writer was promoted. Everyone seemed to gain SEO points and they would all laugh and laugh…

One day the tactic took a turn for the worst. The quality of the content began to drop. The posts were badly written, if at all. Often they posts merely contain links. This made the people of internet world very unhappy. These days people are becoming more sensitive, or so it seems, to these annoying interjections. It’s simply rude to use someone else’s authentic platform as part of your own link building strategy.

What Matt Cutts says?

As the fair and respected prince of the Google kingdom, Matt Cutts has repeatedly warned against the evils of blog spam. Matt would gently remind us of the www code of conduct and its first and most important rule; thou shalt not spam. Sadly the rudeness continued and the big giant Google bot has now been forced to invoke penalties in order to dispel these unsavoury spammers and breakup their bad neighbourhoods.

It will take time, but those of us who are morally superior will ultimately weather the storm and reap the benefits, just as we have always done.

Honour the blog:

1. Don’t cut and paste content from one blog or article to another. The duplicate content will only annoy people and you will eventually reap the penalties.
2. Along with not cutting and pasting is disseminating only content that is 100% original. The big giant Google bot will be able to see very easily whether or not your content is stitched or not.
3. Write it good. Make special grammars? And make it sensible.
4. Write only content that is 100% relevant to the blog and also relevant to the particular blog thread. There’s no use writing a monologue detailing the intricacies of bee rearing on a thread where people are discussing the ins and outs of using harmful pesticides to drive bees away.

So it seems to me that the trick to guest blogging is not doing it soley for the purpose of SEO. Perhaps it’s not as cut and dried as we prefer things to be, but if you always aim to conduct self in an above-board manner, at least you won’t come short and everybody will live happily ever after.