BlueMagnet has been the digital marketing training partner to the Digital Marketing Institute since 2012. In fact, we were the first official African partner to the Irish based international course content provider.

Since then, BlueMagnet has provided digital marketing training to more than 400 professionals, and several digital agencies who have been committed to raising their own level of knowledge when it comes to digital marketing in South Africa, and other countries throughout Africa.

The latest syllabus, syllabus 7 which was released by the Digital Marketing Institute in April of 2018 has been one of the biggest changes when it comes to the structure of the course and the huge amount of jam-packed, valuable content.

The course provides a broad overview of the 6 channels of digital marketing:
• Website optimization
• Search engine optimisation (SEO)
• Paid search (PPC)
• Social media marketing
• Display and video advertising
• Email marketing

The digital marketing training course then extends to cover digital marketing strategy and analytics, specifying all the key areas that all digital marketers need to have a solid understanding of, but it also dives deep into each of these areas, delivering even more value than ever before, and affording us with a course we are so proud to deliver to anyone who is keen to learn its content.

To get a real sense of the value available to anyone considering taking this course, all one needs to do is listen to the explicit value received by some of our past delegates in the video testimonials they continue to provide us with.
Click to watch some of the testimonials below, or simply read some of the feedback we have received:

“I feel that I’m now equipped enough to gather the right people and get this done” – Lauren de Swardt, Whitehead Scientific

“I love that, when the solution is elegant and right in front of your face” – Lourie Höll, Xavant Technologies

“It’s just crazy how fast digital is moving, how we’ve got to keep abreast of what’s happening in the market, and how we have to literally try and stay at the cutting edge of how technology is moving” – Neil Harris, Regional Wholesale Services

“Massive growth. I did a marketing degree 13 years ago, and it’s no longer relevant“ – Kerryn North, Safeline Pharmaceuticals

The Digital Marketing Institute is based in Ireland and its courses are recognized in over 80 countries world-wide.

For more information on doing one of their courses, please feel free to contact BlueMagnet on 011 465 3618 or email us on