30 August 2017 – At the inaugural achievement awards in Sandton on Thursday, BlueMagnet announced the top achievers in the Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation Professional Certification programmes.

Celebrating a decade in digital empowerment, BlueMagnet hosted the first ever individual Digital Marketing Achievement awards in South Africa. The awards were established to recognise, applaud and celebrate those individuals who have excelled across various digital marketing programmes, and to set a standard of excellence for digital marketing practitioners in South Africa.

BlueMagnet’s CIO & co-owner, Ceri James proudly asserted that at its core, BlueMagnet’s purpose is to dedicate itself to eradicating the “riff-raff” in the digital practice; while CEO & founder, Gillian Meier, reiterated that empowerment has always been the primary reason for existence for BlueMagnet, and that the company is committed to setting a standard for digital excellence for the South African SEO & Digital Marketing Professions.

BlueMagnet congratulated the attending top achievers by gifting them with a further study bursary to participate in formulating and completing the Master Digital Marketing Practitioner programme that is set to become the standard for recognition of competency in the digital marketing profession in the future.

Over the past ten years, BlueMagnet has trained over 3,000 individuals from more than 500 companies and agencies in various digital marketing disciplines. This year the ceremony recognised the top five percent of all certified students, with more than 300 awards being handed out on the evening, and the top accolades going to the following front-runners:

Digital Marketing Professional

Gold Achievers (1st Place):
Mayson Atterbury & Tatiana Jaspan

Silver Awards (2nd Place):
Clinton Lord, Katherine Couzyn & Sunil Senpersadh

Bronze Awards (3rd Place):  
Erica Cuna, Jason Stoltz & Tracy Tandy

Search Engine Optimisation Professional

Winner & Gold Achiever:
Sonja Raeburn

Silver Awards (2nd Place):
Charlotte McEndoo & Ceri James

Bronze Awards (3rd Place):  
Daniel de la Rey, Emma Savadier, Marina Cevantes, Mortimar Clark, Nicolette Meth & Tyrone Byrne

BlueMagnet thanks all of its valued and loyal students for their continued commitment to setting the standard for digital marketing excellence in South Africa.

Gold Winners Digital Marketing Professional Awards

Ceri James (CIO, BlueMagnet); Tatiana Jaspen (Gold Winner, Digital Marketing Professional); Gillian Meier (CEO, BlueMagnet); and Mayson Atterbury (Gold Winner, Digital Marketing Professional)

Ceri James (CIO, BlueMagnet); Sonja Raeburn (Gold Winner, SEO Professional); and Gillian Meier (CEO, BlueMagnet).

Ivor Blumenthal, Consultant on establishing the Professional Body for Digital Marketing in SA.

Event Achievers

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