An effective social media campaign relies heavily on how well a company can blend its digital campaign with traditional media in the social customer era.

Here are some points to consider before launching an integrated Social Media Campaign.

Be prepared: Consider the increased demands that it will put on the organisation and be prepared for this. Customers will expect immediate response and they will expect instant interaction.

Set your objectives: What is the purpose of wanting to use social media? Is it to attract, grow or retain customers?

Define your audience: Carefully consider the intended purpose for the social media campaign and who it is intended for. Is it to for existing customers only or do you want to use it to attract new customers.

Know where they are: You should know where your audience is online and which social media platforms they are accessing (via desktop or a mobile device). If your audience is not on a particular social media platform, then why bother?

Do your research: Understand what your competitors are doing in the social media space and identify what works for them, or doesn’t work for them, and learn from their experiences to help improve how you execute your plan.

Observe & Learn: Spend some time observing the various platforms you are considering to launch your campaign with. Listen to the audiences and understand the unique tone of each platform first as each has its own unique tone, audience and purpose.

Plan: Once you understand the platform, plan your editorial content. Devise a long-term strategy that will provide relevant content, that is engaging and that will add value to the community. Ensure that the content plan is relevant to the individual social platform.

Engage: Start joining the conversations by contributing value to through your engagement with the network or groups. Once you have committed to a presence on a particular platform, you will need to be consistently and continuously responsive to the conversations being held with you.

Integrate: Consider the various traditional platforms currently available to the company and determine where the social media platform might best leverage from traditional media to further drive the campaign. Try to integrate social media with all relevant touch points.

Monitor & Measure: Continuously monitor the engagement participation from each platform and ascertain how each medium or tactic has delivered in accordance with the initial key action points that would have been defined at the off-set. Adjust your strategy where necessary and continue to measure its success.

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