Keep on top of your enquiries with our lead tracking software.

Step One

BlueMagnet leads tracking login screen

Visit where you will be able to login using your website URL(must include https://), Username and Password.

Step Two

BlueMagnet leads tracking single lead screen

After logging in you will be at the dashboard where you can see each form on your website. By clicking on the blue View Leads button, you will be able to see all enquiries for the selected form.

Step Three

BlueMagnet leads tracking leads screen

Once you have selected the form, you will see the previous 2 weeks of leads presented as a bar graph. As you scroll down you will see those enquiries which you will be able to click on to view all the information that was filled in. At the top of the page you will also be able to select a date which will then load 2 weeks of leads before the selected date.

Step Four

BlueMagnet leads tracking single lead screen

When viewing a single lead, you can see all the fields that were filled in by the customer. you can go back to the previous screen by clicking on the leads button at the bottom of the screen or if you wish to go back to the dashboard you may click on the dashboard button.

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