Website Migration

Our team of usability and search analysts have expert knowledge and extensive experience in the creation of and migration to responsive websites.

Migration Planning

Migration Planning GuidelinesIf not properly managed and planned, a website Migration could result in a drop in Google rankings, a loss of traffic and ultimately a loss of revenue.  The purpose of a proper migration plan is to minimise this risk. We will prepare a comprehensive migration plan for your website in order to provide migration guidelines to the developers in respect to the migration process. 

Transfer of SEO History

Website Migration PlanningOur migration team ensures that any transition to a new domain or platform, or an upgrade to a responsive website is carried out with little risk of losing any Google rankings, traffic and conversions. We ensure that any SEO history for the website is transferred to the new environment to retain the authority, credibility and reputation of the website with Google.

Post Migration Impact Anlysis

Competitive BenchmarkingAs part of our migration planning services, we conduct in-depth checks for up to six months post-migration - benchmarked against key metrics recorded pre-migration - to measure the impact of the migration against carefully selected metrics. We review the impact on domain authority, rankings, website traffic, conversions and revenue to the business.  

When is migration planning necessary?

  • Your website is being redesigned to a mobile responsive platform.
  • Your website is moving to a new Content Management System (CMS).
  • Your website is moving to a secure platform (HTTPS Encryption).
  • Your domain name or URL Structure is changing.
  • You are moving to a new hosting environment.
  • You are removing large amounts of content from your site or you are moving content around to new sections on your website.
  • A combination of all or any of the above may occur.