Web Development

We carry out research on the core areas of your business which includes detailed analysis and feedback on the following:

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web DesignCombining the science of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and the art of User Experience Optimisation (UX), our team of usability and search analysts have expert knowledge and extensive experience in the creation of Google compliant responsive websites that are built to drive higher conversions.

Web Development Specifications

Web SpecificationsHaving conducted extensive research and usability tests, our team of specialists will provide a detailed web development specification guidelines which include technical, functional and structural requirements to assist in implementing or optimising your website to achieve optimal conversions.

Website Migrations

Website Migration PlanningIf you are moving, upgrading or revamping your website or doing a complete website overhaul, our website migration specialists will ensure a smooth migration  that will result in little to no negative impact on the user’s experience, your Google rankings, web traffic and conversions.