How BlueMagnet improved conversion optimisation and usability

Charne Nel, owner of Au Pair Extraordinaire tells us how her business has grown in heaps and bounds each month because of well-executed Digital Marketing activity. Over and above the continual back-end maintenance and speed optimisation done on the brand’s website, the team noted additional positive results through UX and Usability, as well as strategised conversion optimisation. When starting any digital marketing strategy with a new client like Au Pair Extraordinaire, we basically charter into unfamiliar territory. It is a starting point of trial and error. Aside from having taken the analytic data and familiarised ourselves as a team on the operations of the business and the objectives of the client, we needed to become both the business and its supporting parts by visualising, questioning and structuring needs as the brand’s target audience would - especially when an industry such as au pairing changes so dramatically in the online space. After launching the new website, we implemented a digital marketing strategy to drive traffic to the site and increase conversions, as it is part of our best practise mandate, once we found that the projections of our original strategy weren’t performing as anticipated, we went back to the drawing board and looked at further broadening Au Pair Extraordinaire’s keyword strategy and AdWords paid strategy, then we finished off with completion of a usability analysis on our main conversion goal.

The findings were as follows:

  • In a year, at least 80% of the target audience (families looking for au pairs) were now dropping off the online application form.

Those numbers fell right into place with the website statistics; proving that most users browse the net using a mobile device, and have less time to spend on the internet.

*Statistics found from Consumer Barometer

We brought on our usability expert, Gillian Meier, who analysed the online forms and made a few recommendations. We briefed said recommendations to our web development team for implementation and the results were fantastic.

  • Bounce rate on the form decreased from 79.93% to 30.85%.
  • Sessions increased from 9,934 to 11,423
  • Mobile traffic increased from 6,147 Sessions to 8,671 sessions
  • Goal completions increased by 159%
  • Organic search traffic increased by 28.20%
  • Paid search traffic increased by 17.69%

After implementation of form changes, and the addition of a quick contact form, Charne stated that in July 2017; which is usually one of her quieter months, her leads increased to 91, resulting in a 15% increase in overall revenue. This is a stellar example of how quickly and effectively a small change to digital activity can have a considerable and noticeable impact on a business. Granted, not all businesses are the same, and each client requires a tailormade digital strategy suited to their business objectives and their specific target audience. The work by Au Pair Extraordinaire and our team has shown that with the continued advancements in Digital Marketing, without better actions and innovative thinking, the analytical data won’t “magically” hold all the answers. Watch the video testimonial below:



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