Remarketing is a great new way to market to your target customers in an engaging and highly relevant way. Your ads are shown to your relevant target audience across the web ensuring that your brand continues to remain top of mind in the moment that they are ready to buy.

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Where Google AdWords previously allowed advertisers to advertise to their target audience by placements (i.e. selective websites related to the theme or topic of the product), Remarketing now focuses on targeting people based on the actions that they take (or didn’t take) on your website.

Advertisers can now create a custom target audience list through a single instance of JavaScript placed on the website which will allow them to close the gaps in the sales and marketing process. Advertisers can now track users at every stage of the buying process, and if they didn’t convert then and there, targeted advertising will re-market the message to them and get them to come back to the site to complete the purchase.

You can decide how long you want your customers to sit in your target audience list. When selecting the time-frame for the Remarketing message rather cap it at 7 days as research has shown that conversion rates typically drop after 7 days. Remarketing allows you to segment your audience list by time (in the buying process) and advertisers can change the copy of the message to coincide with the buyer’s current position in the process. This allows advertisers to deliver more targeted messages and incentives at different stages of the campaign to entice the buyer to complete the process. Remarketing also allows advertisers to adjust their bidding strategies based on the various stages of the buying cycle.

Website owners can also apply Remarketing by analytics to target specific ads relevant to a particular metric such as bounce rate, goals and time on site.

Tips to Optimize your Remarketing Campaigns:

Enable accelerated delivery on your AdWords Campaign Settings
Adjust frequency capping (number of impressions per day per visitor)
Rotate your ads based on conversions to ensure that the ads that convert the best are shown more frequently
Enable Conversion Optimizer on AdWords. (You will need to have conversion tracking set-up on your website and have conversion data history in order to enable Conversion Optimizer)

To enable Remarketing on your AdWords campaigns, go to the ‘Shared Library’ option on the bottom left hand corner of your AdWords Account. You will need to include some information in your Privacy Policy to tell users that you will be Remarketing to them. You can find more information about this when you create your Remarketing lists on AdWords.

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