Now and then I sit back and smirk whilst admiring those trends which have faded before their time, or as Elton puts it, ‘like a candle in the wind’. High waisted (mom-jeans) paired with a cropped T and round sunnies… what? That’s not cool!? Correction, it’s hip! The trick is knowing when to rock it and when to drop it. Suffice to say it’s safe to drop the legwarmers.

Cartoon vintage TV image

Building a comprehensive marketing campaign is no longer a tried and tested formula (Radio +  TV + magazine ≠ hitting the lotto). If you skip the digital platform you may as well divide buy 0. It’s imperative to take note of the differences between traditional media and digital media in order to exploit them both to benefit your campaign.



Speaks at you

Speaks with you

One way flow of information

Two way flow of information



Controlled by the advertiser

Control lies with the consumer

Once it has been published or aired
it cannot be changed

Can continually be improved in order
to illicit the best response

Constrained by publishing schedule

Schedules can be changed easily

Big budgets are required in order to
grab the consumers attention

Smaller budgets can easily form
effective campaigns

Results are very difficult to

Results are measurable

The internet has been the catalyst in an extensive shift in the consumer-company relationship; the consumer is now in control, with the internet facilitating this interaction. They no longer have to sit through the same mind numbing washing powder TV ads over and over, instead should the mood strike them they can just Google, ‘What’s the best washing powder?’,. The consumer can now even start a conversation on a blog post about washing powder with like-minded people who might be considering the environmental consequences of using washing powder altogether.

The TV, radio and magazines broadcast a message not only to you, but to everyone in the vicinity, whether you care or not. The problem is that we have become immune to the continual bombardment of messages which hold no meaning or value to us. Society no longer sits back and passively receives whatever may come towards it. Very few adverts speak directly to us.

Online marketing has taken the reigns. Online you create a world tailored to you, your browser knows who you are and what is relevant to you, allowing the right kind of advertising to be directed towards you whilst also giving you the opportunity to respond. That’s the key, creating a two way dialogue between the consumer and the advertiser, thus ultimately holding the large corporations accountable for often unscrupulous actions and rewarding others for their great products, ethical practices or great customer care.

The internet is a game changer but that’s not to say an award winning TV ad is a waste of money. The trick now is to encourage the consumer to take cues from the traditional media and seek further information online.

The combination of traditional marketing and online marketing has allowed the rise of what is often termed guerrilla advertising. Some traditional advertising campaigns have become more vague and directed towards more specific niche markets, this approach then allows those who are actually interested to engage online in order to enter a conversation which ultimately yields better results for the advertiser.

The method has changed but the end goal is still the same, the client will keep selling and the consumer will keep consuming, you just have to ask yourself whether or not they are actually engaging?