I am at the Advanced Search Marketing Conference (SMX) in Seattle and have just come out of a powerful session presented by Rebecca Lieb, Industry Analyst at Altimer, on Defining and Mapping Native Advertising.

So what is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is an online advertising method in which the advertiser attempts to gain attention by providing content in the context of the user’s experience. (Wikipedia Definition)

The Altimer Group’s definition of Native Advertising: “Native advertising is a form of converged media that combines paid & owned media into a form of commercial messaging that is fully integrated into, and often unique to, a specific delivery platform:

Picture of Rebecca Lieb Native Advertising SMX

  Rebecca Lieb presenting at SMX Seattle, 2014.

What is Converged Media – Paid, Owned & Earned Media

Simply put, converged media includes paid (advertising), owned (Content) and earned (Social Buzz & PR) media. Converged Media is packaged into what we call content marketing (pull media) rather than interruptive marketing (push).

Once you create great unique content, you want to re-purpose it. Content marketing is about creating something of value, that can easily be broken up into various elements (such as a Blog being turned into a Tweet).

What does Google say about Native Advertising and SEO Rankings?

While Google’s Matt Cutts has previously stated that it will not be using native advertising to determine SEO rankings, the social media buzz and PR around the content will definitely drive increased rankings!

Best Practice Tips for Creating a Converged Media Strategy:

1:  Be Transparent: If it’s advertising, say it’s advertising
2:  Create a content strategy and editorial plan
3:  Ensure that your media and content teams collaborate their efforts
4:  Get organic oomph! Create content elements that are worth the buzz
5:  Re-purpose: Create content that is portable and can easily be broken down into various components
6:  Create exclusive content that cannot be easily reproduced by others
7:  Make sure your content is scalable
8:  Identify key performance metrics (or KPI’s) across all converged media objectives

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