Here is a list of my key take-away’s from today’s Search Engine Land Summit:

1:Build Native Advertising strategies around converged media: Paid (advertising), Owned (content) & Earned (buzz).

2:Create digital assets (content) that can be re-purposed.

3:Find ways to make real emotional connections with your customers.

4:Images should create an emotional connection with your customers.

5:Having a face behind a campaign can significantly increase your click thru rate.

6:Data is an asset. Try to track, understand and act on every meaningful connection.

7:The Marketing Funnel = Garbage In, Garbage out.

8:Use Psycho-graphics & Search to get people into the top of the funnel.

9:Used Filtered Re-marketing to sweeten the offer at the bottom of the funnel.

10:Deliver experiences that are meaningful to people, at the moment that it matters most.

11:Eight out of 10 search results includes video. There is no better time than now to create video content.

12:SEO is not dead! Google makes over 655 changes to its algorithm each year, that’s why the industry needs SEO’s to translate these changes and interpret them risks and opportunities for their customers.

13:SEO must incorporate social. People provide the signals that fuel search.

14:Marketers need to earn their customer’s trust. Trust comes from familiarity or authority.

15:Performance marketing is data-driven. Collect as much information as possible in order to do more personalised marketing.

16:Build brands with customers, not to customers. Hand over your brand to your customers and get the hell out of the way.

17:Loyalty works two-ways.

18:Brand is the sum of everything you stand for.

19:Focus your search strategy on getting more people, not more links.

20:Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Land is a really friendly guy!

Gillian Meier & Danny Sullivan at SMX2

          Gillian Meier with Danny Sullivan at SMX 2014.

Search Engine Land Summit is a one-day workshop held the day before the big SMX conference in Seattle. Follow my tweets on the Tweet Wall below for more insights and tips from the conference, plus an exciting Q&A session with Google’s Matt Cutts tomorrow.