The organic reach debate continues where “experts” are saying low company Facebook reach is due to the Facebook algorithm update and the only way to extend your Facebook page reach is to pay.

Organic reach is not dead. Many marketing managers are wondering how to get more reach on Facebook and most unfortunately are backing expert opinion by throwing marketing budget into Facebook advertising to grow their Facebook reach.  Organic social media can only be achieved through having a clear understanding of the organic social media marketing.
What does organic mean in business?

A true Facebook company who embraces social has a clearly defined content plan and social marketing strategy in place, with measurable KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). Their Facebook company page is an extension of their business and digital assets and is purely there to meet their primary business objective.

In a recent case study, 10 companies without a clear social media and content plan were offered a fully researched social media marketing strategy implementation to combat the “Facebook page research decrease” that everyone is talking about.

One of the KPI’s over the nine-month period was increasing organic reach to meet their business objective of greater brand awareness and in turn increasing website traffic i.e. take your fans from their social environment into your business environment.  (Clients 2 & 4 opted out of the case study and did not implement a social media marketing plan due to “marketing budget constraints”.)

Organic reach results after a 9 month period:
Organic Reach is not dead
Henry ford stated that a man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time. 

Of the eight other companies who invested their Facebook advertising reach budget into the social media strategy, and not into the pocket of Facebook, the average increase in organic reach was 99%. The two companies who “saved money” stopped in time, and only one of the two companies saw a 6% improvement (93% less than the average), while the other experienced the Facebook page reach decrease dropping by 8% over the nine months.

Clients 7 & 10 experienced a 200% and 250% growth in organic reach respectively. Proving that investing in your content plan and social marketing strategy does improve Facebook page reach.  

Client 9 only saw a 63% increase in reach, however when tracking the goal of page visits from content shared on Facebook, their social media fans stayed on their website for an average of 3 minutes (up from less than half a minute), and their sessions grew more than 5 times. Page views also grew 14 times, demonstrating that relevant and strategic content planning encouraged their social visitors to engage for much longer. The longer a user engages with the brand, the more likely they are to convert.

The ripple effect of organic reach

So how do you achieve these results and spend more wisely?

1. Stop what you are doing right now.
2. Know that data and insights are your best friend.
3. Know your audience as well as you know your business.
4. Research, audit and rely on consulting with an expert.
5. Create and implement your social media strategy.

Take a snap shot of where you are today and after implementing the above 5 steps, see where you have grown within 9 months.

Jessica McEndoo

Author: Jessica Rose McEndoo,

Head of Social Media & Content at BlueMagnet