17 December 2015 – BlueMagnet announces today that it has been awarded an extended license by the Digital Marketing Institute to introduce its Digital Marketing Qualifications into Mauritius.

Mauritius intends to establish itself as a hub for high quality tertiary education into Africa and has set aggressive targets to increase the gross tertiary enrolment ratio to 70% by the end of 2015, with at least one graduate per family, and is working towards a total enrolment of 100,000 foreign students by 2020.

BlueMagnet recently met with the Mauritius Ministry of Education as well as several universities and tertiary educational institutions to understand the country’s current digital landscape, and to explore the need for formal and practical digital marketing courses and qualifications in the country.

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Ceri James & Gillian Meier of BlueMagnet

Mauritius has a healthy internet penetration rate of approximately 92%, with more than 40% actively using social media channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Research conducted by BlueMagnet in October this year showed that around 4,500 Mauritian’s are actively searching for or have an interest in pursuing professional training in digital marketing. Further research indicated that 32% of marketing professionals in Mauritius are responsible for various digital marketing activities in their organisations, however the majority have no formal digital training in these areas.

A small number of marketing professionals who are qualified in digital marketing completed their studies outside of Mauritius. According to the Board of Investments (BOI), 27% of students enrolled in tertiary education are currently studying overseas. Digital Marketing is not currently offered as a globally recognised professional qualification in Mauritius, and without improved digital marketing skills, the country’s jobs and economic growth could be significantly impacted as Mauritian-based businesses battle to stop the drain of digital marketing spend going overseas, as companies continue to reach outside of the country to fill this gap.

“Mauritius offers many benefits for students considering further education, such as free public transport, affordable accommodation, state-of-the-art infrastructure and ease of acquiring student visas. The country provides a welcoming attitude towards foreign private and tertiary education providers and offers a stable infrastructure to support these operations.” Says Gillian Meier, CEO of BlueMagnet.

ICT jobs are critical in facilitating development for the jobs of the future in Mauritius, and digital skills are fast becoming a requirement for gaining well paid employment. Digital skills are amongst the top 20 jobs advertised on the web across all countries, however there is an increasing mismatch between the market needs and the education being offered across the African continent.

The ICT sector has been identified as one of the pillars to transform Mauritius into a high-income economy, and it is estimated that the country will require close to 30,000 working ICT professionals over the next 5 years. To facilitate the need for empowerment, the Mauritius Government has approved the implementation of the ICT skills Development Programme (ISDP) which promotes training and work placement initiatives to cater for the increasing demand of manpower in the industry.

“BlueMagnet has a global vision to empower the digital industry with a superior level of education and practical skills through world-class digital skills programs. As we launch our digital marketing courses and professional programs into Mauritius in 2016, BlueMagnet will be ideally positioned to establish a strong African footprint that is aligned with this vision.” Says Ceri James, Global Executive Director at BlueMagnet.

BlueMagnet has been a certified training partner to the Digital Marketing Institute since 2012 and has become the preferred training partner to more than 50 digital agencies and thousands of marketing professionals across Africa over the past 8 years. BlueMagnet has trained over 3,000 marketing practitioners throughout Africa and has already taken over 300 individuals through the Digital Marketing Institute’s Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing program. Other programs include specialist diplomas and accreditation courses in Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Mobile Marketing.

The Digital Marketing Institute produces more graduates trained to a single digital marketing standard than anyone else in the world. DMI courses, designed and validated by the digital marketing industry, are the most widely taught certification in digital marketing with over 10,000 graduates to date. Qualifications are accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQF), which are aligned to the Irish National Framework of Qualifications and mapped to the European Qualifications Framework.