For far too long companies have been misled to believe that capturing as many clicks as possible is the single most important metric in a search advertising campaign, regardless of whether or not that click turns into a customer.

The power of digital analytics is that every click can be measured right through to the final interaction with the user. There is no tolerance for poor quality traffic that doesn’t convert. Eliminating unnecessary CPC (cost-per-click) spillage and driving the best possible cost per conversion is core to our values.

Blue Magnet vows to eradicate poor PPC management

Zero Tolerance Warning Sign, A yellow and black sign with the words Zero Tolerance isolated on a white background

As verified by its customers, Blue Magnet has, over the past 7 years, developed a strong track record for its successes in delivering top conversions for its clients on Google AdWords: “In a marketing specialisation so often characterised by smoke and mirrors, Blue Magnet cuts right to the point with expert, effective advice and strategic guidance. The campaign they managed was refreshingly efficient.” testifies Howard Fox from GIBS.

On the back of these accomplishments, Blue Magnet is re-establishing their commitment to ridding the market of poor Google AdWords campaign management, and is determined to empower the industry with first-rate insight and skills – based on best practice guidelines and years of practical experience – to get the absolute most out of Paid Media budgets.

Taking a serious, no-nonsense approach to combating mediocre performance, Blue Magnet has established a specialist Paid Search Consulting and Optimisation division devoted to empowering companies to demand more from their Google AdSpend. Spearheaded by Certified Google advertising partner and Google Analytics qualified individual, Mayson Atterbury, is determined to taking AdWords conversions to new heights.

Mayson Atterbury: Paid Media Specialist                                                            Mayson Atterbury: Paid Media Specialist

Atterbury proclaims: “Out with the spillage and in with the Conversions! Search advertising is not merely about being visible, but about being visible to the right people, at the right moment. Return on investment is, and should be, the number one metric for all digital spend. If you’re not measuring your conversions effectively, then you are marketing with your head in the sand.”

As part of its vision to empower businesses to get the best from their digital ad spend, Blue Magnet’s paid search division offers a very comprehensive AdWords account audit and optimisation service. Blue Magnet also provides hands-on coaching and mentorship to equip marketers with the skills required to effectively measure where their ad spend is yielding best results. Additionally, Blue Magnet has a series of well-structured workshops and courses designed to show campaign managers how to achieve the best possible conversions and ROI for their customer’s campaigns.

Should you be interested in an AdWords Account Analysis, or any of our Google AdWords training courses – either on-site or by attending one of our classroom workshops – then contact us at for more information.