Cornel West stated that you can’t move forward until you look back.

For most companies entering into content marketing and social sharing, there is little to no planning and those all-important words / goals are thrown around with little understanding or measurement; Brand visibility, Engagement, Thought leadership, Relevancy and ultimately Traffic.

Audit your Social
Social Authority is more than vanity.

A true focus is needed to understand the market, you need to find your BFF’s in digital, those influencers who you can entice from the dark side. Social authority is the cherry on the top, your targeted brand evangelists who will add the ripple in your cream.

5 top tips when auditing your social and digital assets to become a master of your target market:

  1. Keep in mind it is about winning friends and influencing people
  2. Understand your competition
  3. Remember you are who you eat with
  4. Never allow your content to be a “so what”
  5. Always play on sentiment and passion

It’s not about the right place at the right time.
The days of jumping on trends are dead. Today’s socially savvy fan and follower want real conversations with real people. Yes, folks this means (we have seen it with Facebook) responding, listening and hearing the million voices is key to the growth of your brand. Don’t leave the voices shouting “why won’t you talk to me?”

For every share, make sure you are doing it with purpose.

You must have a key document in managing your content development as well as promotional activities which are all centred on a business objective, designed to meet your targeted audience on a relevant channel to reach a desired action. This is an iterative process and needs to be continually monitored and tracked to stay on top of your game.

Give them what they want.

Avinash Kaushik said “I came, I puked, I left” when you really investigate your social sharing and content efforts, really dig into the data. Analytics are your best friend. You may think that all your efforts are doing well but bounce rate vs session vs pages will reflect your true value to the business.

Remember social signals matter. Do not upset Google.

No money. No honey.

So what is the currency of your audit that you need to be investigating? For the shareholders the bottom line is the money. In social 3 key differentiators need to be top of mind:

  1. Relevancy to your target market;
  2. Unique shareable content; and
  3. No false promises

Top tip: know what you own that makes them come visit and stay a little while. Plus the more they bounce, the more you will pay. Organic Reach is not dead.

Who is eating your digital pie? Ask an expert and own the market.

Jessica McEndoo

Author: Jessica Rose McEndoo,

Head of Social Media & Content at BlueMagnet