Thanks to a recent announcement by Twitter, marketers can now finally see whether their Twitter efforts are paying off.

Picture displaying Twitter statistics

Twitter anounced this month that it would make its Twitter Analytics dashboard available to all Twitter accounts, whether advertising on Twitter or not. Until now, marketers had little insights into whether or not their Tweets were paying off. Twitter metrics were difficult to come by, leaving marketers frustrated to the point of avoiding the channel entirely as part of their marketing efforts.

Unless you had access to the Twitter Advertiser’s account, Tweeters were not able to see clear metrics on their Twitter account performance. For South African marketers, the advertising platform was only introduced a few short months ago.

Now marketers will have a means to compare, dissect and analyse their Twitter account performance and gain valuable insights on a number of Twitter metrics such as:

  1. How people are engaging with Tweets in real time,
  2. Tweet activity comparisons,
  3. Retweet, reply, favourite, follow and click activity,
  4. Details about your followers; Demographics, Interests, Locations; and
  5. How users engage with your website or applications as a result of your Twitter activity.

For more information about Twitter Analytics or how to read the Twitter Dashboard, go here.

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