Struggling to get your Social Media campaigns working for you? Are your engagement rates down, likes a thing of the past and communications with your online audience a distant memory? Here are seven things you should know about getting better results with your social media marketing campaigns.

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1. Take the right tone

Take a different approach in the style and tone of your Social Media Content. Too often, we are so concerned about trying to convey the professional brand that we forget to be personal and inviting. This is Social Media after all, not an E-booklet, and your fans want to engage with the brand not an automated robot. Add some personality into your posts, it will go a long way.

2. Know when to post

Use your channel insights to establish when to post your content. The data will show you when your fans are active on the channel by illustrating the best times of the day and the best days of the week. Use this invaluable information to get the most out of your Social Media Strategy. Posting when your fans are offline is like talking to an empty conference room.

3. Boost your content

Don’t be shy to use a bit of moola to boost your content. Organic reach is not what it used to be and we now have to use a combination of organic and paid content to get the reach that we need. Investing a bit of capital into your content every now and then is not as expensive as you may think and you can control the spend easily to avoid breaking the bank.

4. Use emotion

When creating artwork for your adverts, be sure to include people as well as emotion within the image. For example, if you are appealing to a female audience, use a lady in the artwork with the emotion that matches your product.

Fans will be more likely to identify with the advert and this will increase your engagement and conversions.

5. Be very targeted

Take advantage of the granular targeting in advertising that Facebook now provides. This will enable you to split your adverts and target sections of your audience, even to the extent of targeting fans who are using Android 4.4 on a Samsung Galaxy S5.

Remember that advertising is about adjusting and iterating, so don’t be discouraged when the adverts aren’t performing as well as you would like. Adjust the audience, call to actions and other fields until you get the engagement that you need.

6. Link to your other channels

Be sure to link your various channels to your website in the information sections of your pages/profiles. This enables Search Bots to associate the buzz created on your Social Media, with your brand and in turn, assist in increasing your website rankings.

7. Reach out to the right people

When creating content, reach out to/mention relevant brands and/or industry folk and ask for comments and opinions. Use this with caution though – spamming people for the sake of increasing reach will do more harm than good to your brand.

Amy Heath_Digital Account Manager at Blue Magnet Digital Solutions

            Amy Heath – Digital Account Manager at Blue Magnet Digital Solutions