The rise of the socially empowered and technologically savvy consumer has modern marketers somersaulting for novel ways to attract and retain their attention. As indicative in the recent survey conducted earlier in the year by Blue Magnet Digital, there is a growing interest amongst practicing digital marketing experts to improve their skill set in Digital Marketing, and also to formalise their skills and expertise through specialised disciplines within digital.

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Seven key career paths to think about before going back to the classroom to gain the edge in the digital market:

1. Content Specialists: Manager, Developer, Editor, Copywriter

The Content Specialist is accountable for anything relating to content in terms of how it is developed, edited and published across various digital channels i.e. websites, video, text, social media etc. This includes developing appealing topic angles, writing, and editing original copy, reaching out to, conducting interviews, developing relationships with web masters and publications.

Recession Proof Tactic:

This career works very well for independent agents as well. One can engage in various collaborations with independent web developers, digital designers and also consulting.

Career Investment Toolkit:

How to write for the web.
Online content strategies.
Basic understanding of Search Engine Optimisation.
A fair understanding of making videos.
A bit of psychology – this will facilitate better and more refined understanding of the human psyche.

2. Digital Marketing Manager

The Digital Marketing Manager is the fuel that gives motion and direction for the brands digital presence.

The core focus of the roles deliverables are:

developing the strategy used in marketing a company’s product online.
utilizing techniques in the field such as social media.
web analytics.
e-mail marketing and search engine optimisation, among others.
they may also perform consumer research to discover other ways of reaching customers via the Internet.

Recession Proof Tactic:

This profile is also ideal for independent and or free lancing consultants managing small client accounts or offering advisory services.

Career Investment Toolkit:

A good understanding of what is digital and what it encompasses.
Credible and relevant knowledge resources for updates.
Basic understanding of Search Engine Optimisation.
A thorough understating of analytics.

3. Social Media Specialists

Putting aside the fun side that is inherent with the platforms, a Social Media Specialist role is to achieve superior customer engagement and intimacy, drive traffic to the desired channels aligned with the marketing and sales strategy of the brand. A most importantly mine insight about the brands target audience and draw-up strategies that lead to the desired outcome.

Recession Proof Tactic:

This is role is inherent with load of flexibility, very easy to rearrange. A combination of this role and online copywriting is a winning formula that can lend one in sustainable deals with service providers within the various digital disciplines. Within social media there various specialisations that one can explore as well such as; communication, advertising and or an integrated social media specialist.

Career Investment Toolkit:

Creative use of digital assets.
Know how to sell and market is less than 144 characters.
Online content strategies and research skills.
Credible and relevant knowledge resources for updates.
Basic understanding of Search Engine Optimisation.
A writer at heart.

4. Search Specialists: SEO

SEO specialists are required to transform business goals into successful SEO campaigns, analyse the performance of SEO efforts and help brands increase search engine rankings for their websites.

Recession Proof Tactic:

This role being the heart and soul of digital marketing, shortage of work for an SEO specialist is not an option.

Career Investment Toolkit:

A good understanding of website design and development.
Progressive knowledge in SEO.
Thorough understanding of Analytics.
A good understanding and technical know-how of digital devices and interfaces.
Credible and relevant knowledge resources for updates.
An open mind a bonus.

5. Usability / User Experience (UX) & Web Interface specialists

A Usability Specialist’s role is to test and analyse the brand digital assets to ensure that they are appealing, meet the required action and are friendly and easy to understand.

Recession Proof Tactic:

The role is suitable as a dedicated service or combined with the other disciplines within digital. The most suitable being Search Marketing – SEO in particular. A combination of these two puts one in a more attractive position to offer a more comprehensive service as a consultant.

Career Investment Toolkit:

Well-developed reporting and researching skills.
Progressive knowledge in SEO.
Credible and relevant knowledge resources for updates.
Think of the user all the time.

6. Digital Account Directors & Project Managers

A Digital Account Manager role is to ensure that the brief expectations are met within the specified parameters and timelines. This is the glue that can make or break the deliverables of a project.

Recession Proof Tactic:

Combining this skill with other skillset such as graphics, analytics and content management is a recipe worth a millions. These skills will facilitate a better understanding of the brief across all disciplines and also enable one to offer advisory and guidance.

Career Investment Toolkit:

Well-developed reporting and researching skills
Knowledge in SEO
A good understanding of website Built and development
Comprehensive knowledge in online marketing techniques
Digital jargon

7. Online Media Buyers & Planners

The role of an Online Media Buyer is to enable a client to maximise the impact and returns of their advertising spend through the use of a range of digital platforms.

This role is key is answering the following:
• Who to engage with;
• What to say
• Using what;
• When to communicate
• How, where and;
• Why

Recession Proof Tactic:

Beyond just being able to sell the advertising mediums within the platforms it is vital to combine this the skill of being able to implement the campaigns using the applicable applications for each channel.

Career Investment Toolkit:

A solid understanding of the digital landscape.
A thorough understanding of analytics for each channel and digital platform in order to identify the desired ROI for the brand.
Report writing.
Online researching.
Digital jargon.
Credible and relevant knowledge resources for updates.
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Bonini Kusano Training Manager Blue Magnet Digital Academy

Bonini Kusano Training Manager Blue Magnet Digital Academy