What is a Landing Page Course

2-Day Training. On-Demand (Johannesburg)

  • Looking to master the art of landing page creation and optimisation?
  • Looking to generate targeted, high quality leads?
  • Looking to increase business revenue and sales?
  • Looking to reduce bounce rate to your web site?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then our landing page creator training course is for you.

“If you have a landing page conversion rate of 12%, you'll be better than about 90% of your competitors.” ~ Unbounce

Subject Matter Experts

Gillian Meier
Founder - Chief Executive Officer
Ceri James, Executive Director
Partner - Business Development Executive

This course is presented by Gillian Meier, CEO & Founder of BlueMagnet. Gillian is a Certified Usability Analyst (CUA) through HFI, and a qualified SEO Analyst & Trainer, and Ceri James who is the Chief Innovations Officer and SEO Analyst

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at all levels of digital marketers including, but not limited to Web Designers and Developers, Digital Marketing Implementers, Digital Marketing Managers, Anyone who is looking to generate more leads and sales for your organisation.


Laptop or Tablet, Basic computer knowledge, Wordpress web site or similar (with admin access)

What you will learn

During this 2-day practical hands on course, you will learn the following:

A brief history of Test Marketing
The Importance of Keyword Research, and how to do it effectively (Volume, Competition and Trends)
What is a Landing Page, when to use one, and how to create the best landing pages possible.
Free and paid tools to set up the high quality converting Landing Pages and examples
Implementing Call To Actions (CTAs) that work.
Understanding Conversion Optimisation and how to improve your results with A B testing
How to set up and use Google Experiments for even better results
Landing Page hacks for even better results, and a variety of other Test marketing and Landing Page tips and tricks
You will also leave the course on day 2 with a set of active, high quality converting landing pages that you can start using right away.

R4,995 ex vat. Includes course materials & lunch.

Early Birds save 10% if paid 30 days prior to course date. 

Bulk Bookings & Package Discounts available.

Bulk Bookings & Package Discounts available.

You will receive Full Internet access, all training materials and catering, 3 fully designed and completed landing pages, all the tools and knowledge to continue creating high quality, high converting landing pages