Online Market Research

We carry out comprehensive online market research for the core areas of your business which includes detailed analysis and feedback on search interest and trends, online visibility, competitive threats, consumer behaviour and opportunities to best reach your market. During the research, we often identify new markets or opportunities for your business that can drive additional revenue for your business.

Search Trends & Interest

Digital Marketing ResearchWe provide you with search trends and seasonal peaks for your products or services, while identifying the most opportune time to positioning yourself online to capture your market. We analyse both the search volume, trends and competitiveness for the recommended search terms and highlight keywords that will offer the best opportunity to rank. 

Online Visibility

We review your brand’s visibility online in the key markets and for recommended search trends. We benchmark your website’s performance and rankings on Google against your top competitors to identify the most effective way to achieve increased online authority and capture more search market share.We review your brand’s online visibility in key markets and establish a competitive benchmark of your current digital impact performance across all digital channels, including search and social media.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive BenchmarkingWe provide a detailed profile of your direct and indirect online competitors including an overview of their visibility and authority.  This includes analysis of rising threats across search and social media channels, to establise a competitive benchmark for Visibility, Klout, Popularity, Authority, Influence and Engagement. 

Market Share & Opportunity to Reach

Website Health and Mobile ReadinessWe analyse how your target audience engages with various digital channels and identify the best opportunities to support your digital marketing strategy through achieving optimal ROI.