Digital Audits

Your website is your most valuable digital asset. We ensure that not only is it healthy, compliant and visible, but it is also geared to converting your target audiences faster.

Website Audit

Website AuditWe conduct a thorough analysis of your website's health and mobile readiness and provide recommendations on SEO, content, navigation, design or functionality that could be enhanced to perform better on search engines, while increasing overall user engagement and increased conversions.

SEO Audit

SEO AuditWe assess your website's technical, on-page and off-page position, benchmarked against your competitors, to ensure that it complies with SEO best practice and compliance guidelines and identify any critical issues that might be preventing the website from ranking well on Google.

Google Penalty Assessment

Google Penalty AssessmentThis is an in-depth assessment into your sites entire linking profile to identify any links causing problems, as well as the pages and search terms most affected by Google Penguin or Panda penalties, while helping your website to recover by cleaning up links or pruning your pages.

Usability (UX) & Conversion Analysis

User Experience Conversion AnalysisUsing sophisticated software, user experience sessions and expert usability tests, we analyse your website’s core landing pages and provide recommendations on those areas that could be enhanced in order to increase conversions and user engagement.

Content Audit

Content AuditWe conduct a qualitative review of your entire site’s content and and structure to ensure that you have sufficient authoritative content about your topic while identifying any gaps and opportunities as benchmarked against the rest of your industry.

Social Media Audit

Website Health and Mobile ReadinessWe assess all social media channels to ensure that there is effective integration between the various platforms with a specific focus on the brand’s reputation, influence, engagement and compliance with best practice rules, guidelines and legislation.