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The Baby House in Lonehill to receive a brand new website

During the Random Acts of Kindness Week 2015 (#RAK15), Ceri G. James donated a voucher for R10,000 for a brand new website from BlueMagnet to The Baby House in Lonehil.



Robyn Fenn, founder and primary mother at the orphanage, was grateful for the surprise donation and said that the gesture confirmed the power of magic, as it was literally a thought that she had of what The Baby House needed but had not yet verbalised it. The Baby House was established in 2011 as a place of safety for abused and abandoned babies and toddlers. BlueMagnet says that it hopes to deliver a platform for The Baby House to become more visible and to raise its presence on the web, while attracting more support and donations from the community by providing a digital voice for the children in need.


The Random Acts of Kindness foundation is recognised globally and was formed on the basis of paying it forward through random gestures of kindness.