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2017 Wrap Up- Digital Marketing Trends

The online world was an exciting bubble of activity in the year 2017. When looking at digital marketing trends over a given period,…
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Secure your site for Google or prepare to lose leads.

Google announced that on 17 October’17 all non-HTTPS websites should prepare to see a significant drop in rankings, user engagement, website enquiries and…
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Why is Mobile SEO important to your Digital Strategy

The race for domination of the mobile eye-ball is on, and its picking up pace. The question is are you leading this race,…
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Google Assistant and the internet of things.

Introducing your very own personal Google assistant who knows everything about you! The Internet of things (IoT) has long been a buzz word…
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What is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and should you care about it?

If you have been hearing a lot of buzz about AMP and have been wondering what it is and if you should be…
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Things we need to know before designing or building your website

When asked to make a cheese sandwich you are almost always guaranteed to end up with, well, a cheese sandwich. Civil engineers do…
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