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How to optimise for Voice Search

How to optimise your content for Voice Search & Google Assistant in 8 Easy Steps

Understanding user intent is key to optimizing for conversational search. In the previous article, Google Assistant and the internet of things, we introduced you to the new Google Assistant and how it will impact conversational experiences in the next generation of…
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Google Assistant Actions

Google Assistant and the internet of things.

Introducing your very own personal Google assistant who knows everything about you! The Internet of things (IoT) has long been a buzz word in the digital world, however much of the transformation that we have seen until now has predominantly…
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RIP Dmoz - From Team

Dmoz is Dead! Long lived DMOZ.

Long lived the King – The King is Dead. All hail the King that was DMOZ. Started back on the 5th of June 1998 as The Gnuhoo directory, a mere 2 years after Google’s founding year of 1996 by Bob…
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Ceri James & Paul Berney

Mobile Marketing. Are you ready for next generation marketing?

What is Mobile Marketing and how can brands gear up for next generation, connected marketing? In today’s world, the consumer is in charge and is leading the way, while it is the brand that needs to keep up and remain…
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Mobile Marketing Course

What is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and should you care about it?

If you have been hearing a lot of buzz about AMP and have been wondering what it is and if you should be AMPing your website, then this guide will give you some valuable insights. What is the Accelerated Mobile Pages…
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Ceri James & Jessica McEndoo Social Media Interview

Top Social Media Trends in South Africa for 2017

Social Media Landscape or 2017 & Biggest Shifts in Social Media Trends in South Africa Ceri James & Jessica McEndoo of BlueMagnet discuss the biggest shifts in Social Media in South Africa over the past 3 years and provide valuable…
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