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2017’s Top South African Digital Marketing Professionals Announced

30 August 2017 - At the inaugural achievement awards in Sandton on Thursday, BlueMagnet announced the top achievers in the Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation Professional Certification programmes. Celebrating a decade in digital empowerment, BlueMagnet hosted the first ever…
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Recognising South Africa’s Top Digital Marketing Professionals

25 July 2017 – BlueMagnet’s Digital Marketing Training Academy announces nominees for top achievers in digital marketing and search engine optimisation, to be recognised at the first ever Digital Achievement Awards Ceremony to be held next month. Celebrating a decade in…
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Mobile SEO Strategy

Why is Mobile SEO important to your Digital Strategy

The race for domination of the mobile eye-ball is on, and its picking up pace. The question is are you leading this race, or are you unaware it’s even begun? More and more, we as consumers of data (the internet,…
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Holy Grail to Position 1 on Google

The Holy Grail to ranking for position zero on Google?

Ranking for position #1 is no longer the winning goal when it comes to search engine optimisation. The goal post has shifted and SEO’s (Search Engine Optimizers) are now fighting for that golden spot known as position #0. What is…
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How to optimise for Voice Search

How to optimise your content for Voice Search & Google Assistant in 8 Easy Steps

Understanding user intent is key to optimizing for conversational search. In the previous article, Google Assistant and the internet of things, we introduced you to the new Google Assistant and how it will impact conversational experiences in the next generation of…
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Google Assistant Actions

Google Assistant and the internet of things.

Introducing your very own personal Google assistant who knows everything about you! The Internet of things (IoT) has long been a buzz word in the digital world, however much of the transformation that we have seen until now has predominantly…
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