Enhance the user's journey through scientific user-centered analysis and conceptual design.


Web user interface design is both a science and an art. Not all website design companies are experienced in user interface design. It requires extensive user experience specialists who are certified in user-centered (CUA) and best practice user interface (UI) website design principles to create a website that is wholly in line with user’s expectations. User Experience (UX) Experts and usability professionals are trained in web usability analysis, user experience and performance testing and general website usability testing.


BlueMagnet’s Certified Usability Analysts are certified (HFI) to conduct website inspections of user interface design, measuring against a set of usability heuristics (general principles) to identify and prioritize usability problems. Additionally, we use remote and live performance tests to define a web design strategy.


Usability evaluations offered by BlueMagnet include expert reviews, heuristic evaluations, live user performance tests on low and high fidelity wireframes, subjective evaluations, preference tests (AB Testing) and user acceptance testing. We run click maps, heat maps and scroll maps in addition to our lab performance and remote testing techniques to either or inform website design in line with the business objectives.

Other Expertise


Increase visibility on search engines through Google compliance and website optimisation.

Attract target audiences to your website through Google AdWords advertising.

Boost authority and credibility through value driven content marketing strategies.

Encourage engagement with influencers and communication with target audiences.


Acquire more conversions through optimised landing pages and responsive websites.

Strengthen relationships with audiences through a targeted communications strategy.

Sophisticated reporting and measurement on ROI through objective driven performance metrics.

Make more informed digital marketing decisions through ongoing empowerment and mentorship.