Professional SEO Services South Africa

What is SEO?

Increase visibility on search engines through Google compliance and website optimisation. Search Engine Optimisation is about optimising your web pages according to Google Compliance, best practices and excellent user experience to ensure optimal rankings, target traffic and higher conversions from search engine traffic. Your website is your biggest asset, therefore you need to ensure that it remains healthy, compliant and visible, but that it is also optimised for maximum visibility and conversion.


Best SEO Company in South Africa

BlueMagnet is an experienced SEO Agency (Johannesburg) who adheres to best practice guidelines to ensure optimal rankings, brand visibility, targeted traffic as well as higher conversions. Our SEO Consultants boast a collective of over 40 years hands on experience in website Search Engine Optimisation. We are recognised as being South Africa's top SEO agency providing SEO consulting services to our clients for over 9 years. We have trained more than 150 SEO professionals in South Africa, including over 40 of South Africa's top SEO Agencies.


Our SEO Consultants create a perfect balance between the search engine and the user by implementing sound technical analysis as well as user journey optimisation to provide maximum website visibility and return on investment. As search engines are always changing their algorithms, our SEO analysts are dedicated to keeping up with the current digital trends and search engine best practices. We apply a variety of advanced techniques and strategies performed by certified SEO professionals who conduct full Search Engine Optimisation Audits and analysis on websites. From the SEO audit we are able to identify any areas that need improvement and website optimisation.


BlueMagnet conducts comprehensive SEO Audits that cover all major aspects of SEO including on-page SEO, off-page SEO, advanced technical SEO as well as spam and penalty assessments and recovery. We also specialise in conducting full back link analysis, competitor analysis as well as manual penalty checks. Understanding the competition is essential to any SEO plan and BlueMagnet offers extensive competitor analysis, search trends and online research to understand the best opportunities for targeted keywords, backlink profiles and outreach strategies.


SEO is no longer a silo on its own as it needs to tie in with the overall digital strategy and business goals. Our search engine optimization experts always have the end goal in mind and are able to understand the function of the various departments that contribute to the overall success of the campaign. We are committed to maximum online exposure, engagement and driving maximum return on investment.


What does SEO Cost?

Search Engine Optimisation pricing varies from SEO company to SEO company. When considering the "Google SEO price", ensure that you use a reputable Search Engine Optimisation Consultant or SEM agency that provides ethical search engine optimization (white-hat) who employ SEO specialist strategies including website analysis, SEO audits and SEO training.


When appointing an SEO Agency who offers SEO services in South Africa, be sure to review all SEO Packages to ensure that they not only do on-page SEO optimisation, but also technical and off-site search engine optimization services. Remember that even the best SEO company in South Africa cannot guarantee you a number one search engine optimization ranking. Do your homework and ensure that you appoint a service provider who is certified and has extensive experience in the field.


Other Expertise

Encourage engagement with influencers and communication with target audiences.


Attract target audiences to your website through Google AdWords advertising.

Boost your brand's authority and credibility through value driven content marketing strategies.

Enhance the user's journey through scientific user-centered analysis and conceptual design.

Acquire more conversions through optimised landing pages and responsive websites.

Strengthen relationships with audiences through a targeted communications strategy.

Sophisticated reporting and measurement on ROI through objective driven performance metrics.

Make more informed digital marketing decisions through ongoing empowerment and mentorship.