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Deciding what to doo

What is the meaning of data-driven content marketing?

What is marketing? The new buzz in the market is “data-driven content strategy”. This begs the question: what is marketing? Marketing is no longer about the fluff. It is about clever content, with measurable results, that feed into your bottom…
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Audit your Social

Audit your social and laugh all the way to the bank.

Cornel West stated that you can’t move forward until you look back. For most companies entering into content marketing and social sharing, there is little to no planning and those all-important words / goals are thrown around with little understanding…
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SEO Rankbrain

Has Artificial Intelligence taken over Google Search?

Say hello to RankBrain... As we know, there a many factors and variables that Google use in their official search algorithm. There are in fact, over 250 questions that Google will ask itself about each unique search query before they…
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Things we need to know before designing or building your website

When asked to make a cheese sandwich you are almost always guaranteed to end up with, well, a cheese sandwich. Civil engineers do not ask their clients to instruct them on the structural integrity requirements of the project but this…
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Social Media Marketing

Facebook organic reach is not dead, your content plan is.

The organic reach debate continues where “experts” are saying low company Facebook reach is due to the Facebook algorithm update and the only way to extend your Facebook page reach is to pay. Organic reach is not dead. Many marketing…
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Web And Seo Analytics Concept

160 Page Google Quality Guidelines Leaked

How many of us in the SEO and Digital world have heard people say ‘what is the Google Search Algorithm and how does it work? Let me be clear – if anyone says to you that they know every aspect…
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