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What happens beyond the click matters most!

Services Offered
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Audits & Management
Website Performance Audits & Competitor Analysis
Content Audit & Optimisation
Google Penalty Assessment & Recovery
Usability Analysis (UX / Conversion Audit)
Social Media Audit & Management
Email Marketing POPI Compliance Audit
Google AdWords Set-up, Optimisation & Management
Keyword Research & Search Trend Analysis
SEO, Content & Social Media Strategies
Web Performance Monitoring, Analytics & Rank Reporting
Conversion Tracking & Optimisation

Training Courses Offered
Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing
Search Marketing Training
Google SEO Seminars
SEO Certification Program
Google AdWords Training
Social Media Marketing Course
Online Content Strategies Workshop
Recruiting with Social Media & Search Engines
Google Analytics Workshop
E-mail Marketing & POPI Awareness Training
Online Advertising (Sales & Publisher) Course
Mobile Marketing Training

Blue Magnet Digital Solutions - Search Marketing & Site Audit Specialists in Johannesburg

Blue Magnet Digital Solutions specialises in providing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media, Content, Usability and Site Performance Audits. We also assist companies with their Digital Marketing, SEO, Content and Social Media Strategies. We have extensive experience in Google AdWords Paid Search (PPC) Management and conversion optimisation. We are Google AdWords certified and a Google Engage Partner.

Blue Magnet Digital Solutions is South Africa's only Certified SEO training company offering the independent Certified SEO Professional Certification Training Course. We are also affiliated with the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) and an accredited training partner for the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course. In addition to our training courses we also offer on-site customized training courses to numerous Digital Agencies and Companies. 

Blue Magnet Digital Solutions Client Portfolio

Clients we have worked with include:

Professional Certifications and Accreditations - Digital Marketing, Social Marketing, SEO & Google AdWords.

Blue Magnet Certifications: Google AdWords, SEO, eMarketing, Digital Marketing
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